About Me - manzur fahim

I am an IT Engineer. I live in Slough, UK. Photography is my passion, and I am often somewhere: hiking, weekend trips, photography tours and sometimes travel to other countries with friends for photography.

I do not believe in photos coming straight from camera. A camera does not see what my eyes can see, and it certainly can't perceive the senses. A camera  is a tool, it compromises, delivers technically balanced photos. It is, and always will be the photographer who brings out that moment of life captured in the photo. Although lately, the Foveon sensor cameras are giving me the indication that soon cameras will be able to see color and detail close to what human eyes can see.

I have not traveled to many countries, but I certainly have a bucket list, and hope to have stand to those places, with a camera in my hand, able to take photos. I want to breathe in the air, feel the magic, and will try to reflect my feeling in the photos.

I do not do photography as a profession, it is my hobby, but passion could easily be the most suitable word. I do not take photography professionally for two reasons. First: I do not believe my photos are up to a standard to be considered professional, although they have all my passion. Second, I will have to start thinking about how a client would like and want a photo, and what kind of photo I should take to sell. All those would probably take my hobby away from me, and I do not want that happening. Not Yet.

Gears that I currently own:

* Fuji GFX 50S

* Fuji GF110mmF2 R LM WR

* Sony A7r III

* Sony FE 85mm F1.8

* Sigma SD Quattro

* Sigma 30mm F1.4 DC ART

* Sigma dp2 Merrill

Please enjoy my site. And comment, feedback or criticism is much appreciated. There is an option to add comment to any images so please feel free to throw what you think at my way.

I would also like to make a disclosure: This is my personal website, and it is not sponsored or owned or paid by any business / commercial entities. Any review / article I wrote, I do so on my own, with no financial or sponsorship gains.

Manzur Fahim